Menu 3 (Egyptian)

Mixed rice with liver and nuts

Rice with liver, kibbeh, and chicken gizzards with nuts


Egyptian white rice

Egyptian white rice


grilled potato

French fries with seasoning


Pina Arabiata

Pina Arabita macaroni with cheese


Spaghetti Bolognese

Macaroni with ground beef and cheese


Kofta with sauce with vegetables

Kofta with tomato sauce and vegetables


oven noodles

Macaroni with minced meat and cheese cooked in the oven


Chich taouk

Grilled chicken pieces on the Egyptian way, served with French fries and sauteed vegetables


Grilled kofta

Grilled kofta on the oriental way, served with french fries and sauteed vegetables


Lamb Ribs

Grilled lamb chops on charcoal served with grilled potatos and sauteed vegetables


Kebab and kofta

Lamb kebab and kofta, seasoned and cooked on the distinctive oriental style, with french fries and sauteed vegetables


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