We create an electronic menu for you with a barcode

Advantages of the electronic menu

Digital barcode QR

Once the customer directs his mobile camera at the barcode, he turns to the menu directly and reviews all kinds of food and drinks.

Electronic menu

Presenting meals in a delicious way that attracts the customer to order.


Enable the customer to contact you via call or WhatsApp from the same menu without having to store your number in advance.

Google maps

Turn on automatic routing on Google Maps so that the customer knows your location and directs to you.

Get more clients

Increase the number of new customers and strengthen the loyalty of old customers.

Increase Sales

Introducing the customer to all the items offered by the restaurant, which increases the demand and thus increases sales.

Disease prevention

Promote the high-end and healthy image of the restaurant or cafe that uses electronic menu instead of paper, which can spread diseases when it is circulated.


A happy customer  will publish the menu among his friends, and this will enhance the spread of the restaurant among the people.

Take into account the conditions of the Ministry of Municipality and Rural

Various menus

We create the menu that suits the needs of your restaurant or cafe.

It improves your services and satisfies your customers.

Sample menus

Menu 1

(Turkish Restaurant)

Menu 2

(Lebanese Restaurant)

Menu 4

(Italian Restaurant)

المنيو الاكتروني

Beauty is attractive

It should be noted that when the customer sees a menu arranged with this beauty and attractiveness in the offer, he inevitably feels confident and willing to order, and this is the role of the electronic menu, presenting meals at any time any place in an interesting and attractive way.

Digital barcode QR

Electronic menu


Google maps