Terms and Conditions

We hope that the electronic menu that we design for you will satisfy you, and that it will achieve your goal of increasing your sales and satisfying your customers. The following are the routine terms and conditions agreed upon and applied with our clients regarding the design of the electronic menu:

Agreeing to the terms and conditions:

By clicking on the accept button, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Fill out the application form:

After filling out the electronic menu request form, we will contact you to confirm your order. You must pay the price of the package to start creating the menu.

Project steps:

The steps of the menu project include paying the full cost of the project, taking the necessary photos and information from you, creating the electronic menu, sending the menu to you to review and request any amendments, and finally approval and final delivery.

Completion period:

Ranging from 10 to 20 days from the date you pay for it and provide us with the required information.

Accuracy of information:

Menu information will be entered based on the information sent by you, and we will not be responsible for any error resulting from incorrect entry.

Transfer and refund:

Amounts paid for the requested menu cannot be transferred or refunded after payment.

Right of refusal:

We have the right not to design the electronic menu without giving reasons. If the customer pays the value without knowing that we do not agree, the amount paid will be refunded.

Amendment requests:

The customer may request an amendment to the menu within the first twenty days of receiving it, and the period for implementing the amendment ranges from 3 to 5 days.

Amendments after 20 days:

Any modifications requested after this period will incur a service fee.

Submit modification requests:

All modification requests should be sent to info@emenu1.com with the requested details.

Annual hosting and security fees:

It must be paid at the end of each calendar year as shown in the quotation.

Change fees:

Fees may change more or less slightly depending on taxes and fees without notice.

Menu content:

The menu is designed based on the customer’s request and we are not responsible for the content of images or texts.

Objectionable content:

We do not accept the design of any menu that contains content that violates morals and public taste or is related to religion or politics.

Contact for inquiries:

If you have any inquiries or comments, you can contact us via the phone number or email mentioned.

Official Website:


We hope that you will be satisfied with our work, and we appreciate your dealings with us.